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My Dematician Pimple Dimple Acne Patches

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Product Details
✔PIMPLE REMEDY - To eliminate those dreadful blemishes instantly with our revolutionary acne patch. Whether oily, dry or mild; this acne patch is good for all skin types and ages.
✔ABSORBS AND PROTECTS - Our acne absorbing patches work like sponges and absorb the toxins and infected fluids, purging the blemish from infection. They act as protection against dirt, grime, and the urge to pick.
✔EASY TO USE PATCHES - Pimple DimplesJ are profoundly easy to use and are the perfect antidote for rapid overnight care. Simply apply the colloid patch and cover the lesion.


• Formulated with natural ingredients, safe and non-toxic, no harm to your skin, no side effects.
• Effective to help you remove acne and relieve acne skin, fast healing.
• Ultra-thin and invisible design, strong adhesive to last through the night.
• Total including 2 different sizes.
• Easy to apply and use, suitable for various skin types.
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