Dirty Lash: Lash Extension After Care

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Dirty Lash is fast becoming known as the BEST home care cleaning solution for lash extensions. It's the first eyelash extension cleanser in a mascara wand tube. Our amazing active ingredients protect and untangle lashes while killing bacteria. Your lashes will look brand new with just one use!

Dr. Tabisum Mir LOVES Dirty Lash. Watch her demonstrate how to clean lash extensions in this short 3 min. video.

Natural oils and dead skin cells when not washed away properly can build up on the eyelids, and cause itchiness and inflammation. Dirty Lash is a convenient healthy way to extend the longevity of your lashes. Dirty Lash helps to eliminate protein build-up that eventually accumulates on the lashes causing caked looking lashes. Using daily helps to clean, fluff, untangle, and protect the integrity of the lashes.


Eyelash extensions are applied by technicians who glue synthetic fibers one by one to natural lashes. While the look has been gaining popularity in recent years, not properly cleaning them will result in oiliness, residue, dirt and grime. Beyond ruining the extensions, this can cause itchiness, inflammation and even worse, infections.


Introducing Dermastart's Dirty Lash the that protects and untangles lashes to keep them looking naturally fluffy. This convenient and easy-to-use oil-free formula eliminates the protein build up that naturally occurs on the lashes as well as cleans away the sweat and bacteria along the lash line. patent pending


Gently spool or twirl the lashes with your Dirty Lash wand to remove any debris. If needed, splash lashes with warm water and pat dry. Using in the morning will help untangle and straighten overlapping lashes from side sleeping positions.


• Minimizes Lashthetician's clean-up time in between fills

• Oil-free

• Safe to Use with eyelash extensions

• Eliminates protein build-up

• Will not deteriorate lash glue

• Will not compromise lash integrity

• Kills sebaceous bacteria

• Will not strip natural skin oils

• No-sting, Alcohol, & Triclosan free

• Conditions hair bulb

• Will not dry out surrounding skin

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